Logitech G700, an awesome mouse leaded by shitty drivers.

I’ve finally bought a true mouse so I can at least work properly. Before I bought my G700, I had to work during approximately four years with a little wired piece of plastic from Dell and I honestly think that its DPi resolution could be a negative value.

So I looked for the mouse that suited me the best, the most comfy, considering that I have pretty big hands and that I like mice which takes the whole hand. Way more comfortable to my views. It had to be wireless (I don’t like wires), no matter the responsiveness, I’m clearly not a big gamer. After lots of searches, I kept in mind the Logitech Performance Mouse MX and the G700, from Logitech again. The first one is a desktop mouse, and the second one is more for gaming, with more macro buttons etc…

My choice, the Logitech G700.

My choice, the Logitech G700.

So, finally, I chose the G700 for its dozen of programmable buttons (assigned to macros or to keyboard shortcuts, that very useful on Photoshop or Ableton), its five profiles and of course its 5700 DPi maximal resolution! The mouse cost €100, a little bit expensive but that mouse is great, except a few little details.

I get back home, unbox the mouse and I start to use it… Very good feeling, the mouse “takes” perfectly the shape of my hand, macro buttons are just under my fingers, that’s quite good. Then I start playing around a little with the driver, record some macros… But after only an hour after I unboxed it, the two principal buttons don’t respond anymore! Hower, the cursor is still moving, my other buttons are still working… I open the LGS application (the equivalent of SetPoint, but for all the gamer stuff from Logitech) to check my settings and I realize that two macros have been created on those buttons, which is normally impossible to do, simply because there is no option to do this in the software… to avoid that kind of mistakes (sic). I was lucky, only one profile out of five had been affected, but LGS cannot erase my mouse’s internal memory or even delete a profile! So I have an unusable profile out of five, an unimaginable situation on a high-end mouse like this one.

Fortunately, my issue has been solved (completely unintentionally) by leaving my mouse powered off during two days. All the content of the internal memory has been completely wiped. Yes. WTF? Does it mean that if I make the best profiles in the world on this mouse and then switch it off during a few days, my “work” will be lost? That’s not really serious, I really expected better from Logitech on that point…

Moreover, why do they give to their customers TWO different drivers for the same hardware? SetPoint and LGS are completely similar in their features, only the look changes. Furthermore, the G700 was supported by SetPoint before LGS has been released. At this point, all the gaming hardware from Logitech was no longer supported by SetPoint and customers had to switch to LGS. That means it concerns keyboards, mice, and more…  Why have they done this? Why not continuing with SetPoint to keep a single software for all their stuff? Logitech’s strategy isn’t clear, they drown their customers in a complete maze… I spent over two evenings on my laptop trying to get that stuff working!

Except this big driver problem, this mouse is really handy and it’s a real pleasure to use it everyday, I just hope that Logitech reacts about LGS and SetPoint. At this point, I’d highly advise you to go for a Performance Mouse MX instead of the G700 if you’re not a gamer.

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