Use your Galaxy S2 with woolen gloves

Winter is there since a little bit of time now and you may certainly have put on your old woolen gloves for this occasion, but here’s the point, Santa didn’t bring you the brand new Lumia 920 (which allows you to use the touchscreen through your glove or anything else) and you’re keeping your “old” S2? You would say that’s impossible to use the touchscreen without removing your hyper-thick gloves? Anyway, I have a 100% software solution for you, so you will save money on buying touchscreen-compatible gloves. :)
So, to do this, you’ll need a CyanogenMod-powered Galaxy S2… And that’s all.
You’Il just have to go to “Galaxy S2 settings” from the launcher, slide to the “Screen” tab and then set the “Touch Sensitivity” to 20.

Galaxy S2 Sensitivity

That’s all, and your smartphone should now work fine with your woolen gloves! Be careful, I’m actually talking about woolen gloves, not synthetic ultra-thick gloves that you use to wear when you ski… The functionning of this manipulation is pretty simple to understand, what you’ve just done is increasing the sensitivity of the digitizer.
This works pretty well, the proof is that I’m currently writing this post on my Galaxy S2 without any trouble!
Please notice that if you increase the sensitivity to 10, you will no longer need to touch the screen to use your phone. 😀

Have fun, your hands are going to be thankful ^_^.

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